Beginners Guide to Local Casinos

Casinos may be a confusing place for newer players so we have put together a small number of important tips for beginners in order to help you make the most of your first few visits to your local casino.

Know your limits

The number one priority is to know your limits before you even set foot in the door, and by that we mean you need a degree of self-discipline in order to manage your money. The odds will always be stacked in the house’s favour spend and the chances are you probably won’t get all of the money you stake back. So set yourself a limit on the amount you are willing to spend in advance. Better yet picture it this way, you might spend £60 on a night on the town or £100 on a good meal and cinema tickets for two, and that is money you certainly won’t get back. When it comes to the casino set yourself the same limit you would be prepared to spend on a night out and then you won’t be disappointed. The only difference is there is a chance you might win enough to pay for some drinks, you could break even, or if you get lucky you could even walk out with some extra cash!

Understand the table limit

The table limit which is the minimum and maximum bet that you can stake at a table is an important factor to consider. More importantly, it is the minimum table limit that newcomers should pay attention too. The lower the limit the more games you can play for the same amount of cash. As you become more confident you can of course, start playing on higher limit tables which will in turn, result in a higher pay out should you win. The table limits will usually be clearly posted on a sign close to the table you wish to play at.

Which type of game should you play first?

With so many games to choose from, it can be hard to decide where to begin. Our advice is to start with games of pure chance such as roulette which can also be played electronically if you prefer to learn away from the tables. The reason for suggesting these types of games is that they are simple to play, require no extra skill or knowledge, and can be enjoyed straight away. Just pick a number, colour, or choose odds or evens on roulette and away you go. Slots are also a great way to get started and can pay out jackpots of thousands of pounds if you get lucky.

Once you are ready feel free to head over to the blackjack tables. You will need some basic understanding of the rules before you play. During the quieter periods of the day, many local casinos will offer free tuition at the tables. You can find the contact details of your nearest casino by using the following directory and ask what times they offer free tutorials. Alternatively, if you prefer you can always look up the rules and tutorials online.

Have Fun

These few tips should help you during your first few visits, but the most important thing is that you have fun. Remember there is no pressure to even place a bet whilst you’re there. Enjoy the atmosphere, head over to the bar for a drink or a meal, watch others playing at the tables, and then play once you’re ready.